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Minimum Install for Executable Distrubution


We've built the gcc/as/ld toolset as a cross compiler to the Altavec
PowerPC.  We've been using it internally for a couple of weeks.

Those of us with full developer Cygwin installations can run the program
with no problems.

We'd like to be able to distribute a minimal package to everyone here
who needs the cross compile capability.

Our first attempts seem to get confused about the correct paths to the

This is our first venture into distributing executables to people who
haven't downloaded the entire package.  What do we need to do to give
people in the package?

My thought based on the symptoms I've seen is that the gcc tools, being
UNIX-centric will require at least a minimal official Cygwin setup,
otherwise it won't grok the mount points.

A coworker believes, "There MUST be a way to build it so that that's not

To which I reply, "Perhaps, but would it be worth the trouble?"

I BELIEVE the correct course of action would be to do a default Cygwin
install and then distribute our cross development toolset.  Would there
be any problems doing it that way?  Most important (to me), is there a
Cygwin tool for assembling the correct packages?



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