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Re: Cygwin crashes on .Net Server 2003 with Terminal Services enabled

Christoph Hense wrote:
I try to use cygwin on a .Net Server 2003 RC2 with Terminal Services

However none of the cygwin tools work.

All of the commands like ls, ps, pwd just return tons of error messages.

If I deinstall the Terminal Services cygwin runs o.k.
I am also able to run cygwin on a Windows 2000 Server with Terminal Services

I uses Cygwin 1.3.20-1.

For instance if I run pwd on a command line I get:

27308584 [unknown (0x878)] ? 2164 handle_exceptions: Error while dumping
state (probably corrupted stack)
27312569  ....

(same message repeating over and over with different numbers at the

Does anyone have any idea?

cygwin works like a charm on my .NET Standard Server 2003 RC2 with remote desktop enabled. I have not enabled the "real" terminal services though, since I don't run the machine as an application server, and with remote desktop I can have (at least) two concurrent RDP sessions - which is enough for my needs.


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