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Re: ACLs getting reset after gunzip

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Pierre A. Humblet wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 23, 2003 at 05:59:30PM -0800, Jonathan Levine wrote:
> > I'm having a problem with cygwin's g(un)zip.exe and NTFS ACLs.
> Jonathan,
> Cygwin attempts to emulate Posix. Thus when it creates a file
> it also creates an ACL with the permissions for the owner, group
> and other (everyone).
> It does not pay attention to the inheritance of the directory,
> and it sets a bit in the file acl to prevent inheritance
> propagation, which is the Window default.

Sounds like he just doesn't want/need ntsec for his uses of Cygwin.
I sympathize.

Jonathan: Set CYGWIN=nontsec as an environment variable for your user.
(Note that if you run certain things like sshd, ntsec must be on for them.
- so either don't set it off in the all users environment, or make sure to
explicitly set CYGWIN via cygrunsrv when installing services that need to
change user context.)


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