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RE: Seg fault in home-built mutt

On 21 Feb 2003, "Gary R. Van Sickle"
<g dot r dot vansickle at worldnet dot att dot net> wrote: 

(building mutt the cygwin way)
> I use the following in my "makemutt" build script, which I
> thought I included in the src package:

> export PREFIX=/usr
> export MAILPATH=/var/spool/mail
> OPTS="--with-mailpath=/var/spool/mail --with-regex
> --enable-pop --enable-imap --enable-locales-fix --with-ssl \ 
> --enable-buffy-size \
> --enable-external-dotlock \
> --prefix=/usr \
> --sysconfdir=/etc \
> --libexecdir=\$(sbindir) \
> --localstatedir=/var \
> --datadir=\$(prefix)/share \
> --with-docdir=${DIR_INST_DOC} \
> "

Ok. I don't get it. I've taken that, removed --with-regex and 
added --enable-external-dotlock and I'm still getting 
differences from the std package, specifically I get:

First line looks okay, and the second we can expect. But how am 
I getting the others? Is it because functionality within Cygwin 
and/or libraries have changed since you built yours, do you 

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