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Authorization for POP users without login rights on Win2K

I've gotten Pierre Humblet's Qpopper port working with POP users
in a sort of virtual domain on a Win2K host, using the ntsec hack
in the Cygwin User Guide.

   As aforementioned you are able to use cygwin account names different
   from the NT account names. ... The syntax
   is easy: Just add an entry of the form U-ntdomain\ntusername to the
   pw_gecos field. 
	Presley,U-STILLHERE\elvis,S-1-5-21-1234-5678-9012-1000:/bin /sh

It is the qpopper inetd build. I wasn't able to get the standalone
build to work. Another problem is I want Qpopper to look in spool
files in directories below /var/mail, but I haven't succeeded in
getting to do that either. 

The main problem is now all my students have the same password. I
don't want to give Win2K accounts to them, because the nextwork
they are on is in the same room as the server.  Disabled accounts
would be OK, however this is the only way I found to connect
without Win2K accounts that are active. 

They don't know the name of the Win2K account, but they could
still login into a cygwin shell with their ID.

Does anyone have any better ideas for virtual domains using exim
and qpopper?

The Outlook Express MUAs they are using don't appear to do APOP.
Perhaps I should make them use mutt ;-) Just joking.

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