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Re: Does Mutt work now?

On Sat, 22 Feb 2003, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

> Sorry, mutt still has problems on Win98.

If you're talking about the cygwin version, then 1.25i works fine
on Win98. At least I haven't missed the email which you are
telling me I might have lost ;-)

Agreed the locking problem with 1.4 seems to continue.

> > does mutt work now? I installed Cygwin a while ago on
> > Win98 and mutt had that lock prob, so I uninstalled
> > Cygwin and decided to wait till they included a
> > working version of mutt in the package. Did that
> > happen yet or does anyone know how long it will take
> > till I can download a working binary from anywhere in
> > the net? Thanks! ;-)

> > (I just miss mutt when forced to work on Win, so I'd
> > appreciate any hint...)

I thought there was a native Win32 port of mutt, but was that just
someone talking about the cygwin version?

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