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Re: gcc2 instead gcc


Thorsten's delicate advice notwithstanding, if you installed the "historic" GCC 2.95.3 compiler contained in the "gcc2" package, you must use "gcc-2" to invoke it. Note that the package name has no hyphen, but the compiler name does. Makefiles usually use the variable CC to invoke the C compiler, so you can probably override make's or the make-file's built-in default to use gcc-2 by doing something like this:

CC=gcc-2 make

    export CC=gcc-2

That might work for simple makefiles, but for more complicated software with an auto-configuration script (presumably this applies to PostgreSQL) you'll probably have to run "configure --help" to show you which options allow you to specify an alternate compiler.

However, as Thorsten also hinted, there should be no need to use the older compiler, certainly not for well-written code. It seems pretty unlikely that PostgreSQL must be compiled with an old compiler.

Randall Schulz

At 01:13 2003-02-22, christian dot schuster at rsag dot ch wrote:

Hi list,

I am newbie and have a simple question. I want to compile PostgreSQL with gcc2 instead of gcc. First I downloaded just the gcc2 compiler. But the as I wanted to configure I had the error that no C compiler is installed. So, I also downloaded gcc and then I could compile.

How can I do that when I compile a program that it is done with gcc2?

Which one is better of those two?

Thanks for any help.

Christian Schuster

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