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Re: Creating DLLs with Cygwin/g++

> Hey all,
>     I'm rather new to DLL programming and my C++ days are five years
> me.  So please bear with me. :)
>     I'd like to write a C++ program that will link as a DLL to be loaded
> a plugin in another application.  I've broken the learning process down as
> follows:
> 1) Make and compile a simple C++ Hello, World program. -- Done.
> 2) Make and compile a simple C++ Hell, DLL program. -- Not done....
> 3) Create Basic DLL with Plugin-API, etc.
> 4) Write program...
> Getting stuck on step 2.  Yeeks!  I've found a couple of sites out there
> that discuss in very little detail the process of creating DLLs, but not
> enough to get through my thick skull.
> 1) Are there any sites that provide a walk-through with sample code so I
> see it working?  and..


> 2) Are there any sites that discuss what exactly is needed in the process
> DLL creation so I understand what's going on and not just walking through
> bunch of steps that someone told me to do.  I like to understand what I'm
> doing. :)

See above :-)


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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