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Creating DLLs with Cygwin/g++

Hey all,

    I'm rather new to DLL programming and my C++ days are five years behind
me.  So please bear with me. :)

    I'd like to write a C++ program that will link as a DLL to be loaded as
a plugin in another application.  I've broken the learning process down as

1) Make and compile a simple C++ Hello, World program. -- Done.
2) Make and compile a simple C++ Hell, DLL program. -- Not done....
3) Create Basic DLL with Plugin-API, etc.
4) Write program...

Getting stuck on step 2.  Yeeks!  I've found a couple of sites out there
that discuss in very little detail the process of creating DLLs, but not
enough to get through my thick skull.

1) Are there any sites that provide a walk-through with sample code so I can
see it working?  and..
2) Are there any sites that discuss what exactly is needed in the process of
DLL creation so I understand what's going on and not just walking through a
bunch of steps that someone told me to do.  I like to understand what I'm
doing. :)

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you may have.

Take care,


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