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Re: gcc2 instead gcc

* christian dot schuster at rsag dot ch (03-02-22 10:13 +0100)
> I am newbie and have a simple question. I want to compile PostgreSQL with
> gcc2 instead of gcc.


> First I downloaded just the gcc2 compiler. But the as
> I wanted to configure I had the error that no C compiler is installed. So,
> I also downloaded gcc and then I could compile.
> How can I do that when I compile a program that it is done with gcc2?

Have you RTFM, STFW, RTFFAQ about C and C compiling?

,--- *
| Finally,  make  sure  when you send a message to a Cygwin list that it
| actually  has  something  to  do with Cygwin. What do we mean by that?
| Well,  if  you  can't  install  the  Cygwin  C compiler, then that has
| something  to  do  with Cygwin. If you don't know C very well and need
| some pointers on writing a program, that really has nothing to do with
| Cygwin.  If  you  are  trying  to  run the Cygwin version of bash (the
| standard  UNIX  shell)  and  it  hangs,  then that's probably a Cygwin
| problem.  If  you  can't  figure  out how to set up a command alias in
| bash,  that's  not  a  Cygwin  question.  These  Cygwin  questions are
| considered  "on  topic".  The non-Cygwin questions are considered "off
| topic".
| Why do we make this distinction? For two reasons: 1) as mentioned, the
| email traffic is very high so, by keeping things "on topic" we can cut
| down  on some list traffic and 2) there are usually much better places
| on  the  Internet  where  you  can  get  definitive  answers  for your
| off-topic-for-cygwin   question.   It   doesn't   make  sense  to  ask
| non-experts to teach you about C or bash.
> Which one is better of those two?

Which one is better - C or C++?

I think you desperately need some knowledge on C and C compiling. Can 
someone point Rudolf to an appropriate newsgroup or mailing list? I 
neither know the answer nor the right place to ask.

Good luck,
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