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Rsync Hangs Under Cygwin - RESOLVED

Max / Team Cygwin:

I just wanted to close the loop with you, and thank you again for your excellent support.  I spent hours and hours working with this developer, trying to replicate his problems (hangs during rsync over ssh from within Cygwin) on any of my systems, and observing the problem first hand on his.

At first, I was suspicious that it might be somehow related to the .Net framework (this group has it installed on EVERY one of their machines, both development and production) - but eventually we found it would work on a machine with the framework installed.

We FINALLY tracked it down (to an area I had suggested eliminating early on - ARGH) to...

Microsoft Terminal Services

He was connecting to his source servers remotely via Terminal Services (maybe now with Cygwin, he'll give that up?), and it would hang EVERY time rsync tried to update a directory where no changes were required (session didn't APPEAR to close on his end, but ran to completion on the server).  When he FINALLY went to the console, and tested it locally... it worked EVERY time.

So, we're all set, at this point.  Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for you thorough and prompt response.

Have a GREAT weekend!
Billy Glenn
Principal Internet Architect
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
bdg3 at pge dot com

-----Original Message-----
From: Max Bowsher [mailto:maxb at ukf dot net]
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 3:43 PM
To: Max Bowsher; Glenn, Billy; cygwin at cygwin dot com
Subject: Re: DOH! Resolved RE: Compiling rsync 2.5.6 under Cygwin?

Max Bowsher wrote:
> Glenn, Billy wrote:
>> Max- (jump to the end for the spoiler)
>> Thank you MUCH for your quick, and detailed response!  I'll go look
>> to make sure I've got the Cygwin popt package installed.  As to the
>> remainder of your questions, I'll take my best crack here, get with
>> my client (I have YET to witness the problem myself :-( and see if I
>> can get any of the additional output you requested.  I'm not familiar
>> with the strace or gdb commands, but I'll familiarize myself and see
>> if I can provide the info.
> strace: Prints lots of debugging output from Cygwin DLL internals.
> strace -o outputfile rsync <rsyncoptions>
> Caveat: strace is a non-Cygwin program: It does *not* understand POSIX
> paths.
> You can also connect to a running process: strace -p pid
> gdb: Probably easier to connect to a running, hung, process. The exe
> must be unstripped for this to be useful.

I forgot to say:
You must specify *both* the executable file name and the pid. Otherwise, you
don't see function names, only raw addresses.

gdb rsync.exe <pid>

Also, try gdb first. On all but WinXP (and possibly 2k, I don't know),
detaching from a process kills it. So you only get a chance to try one of
these methods.

> Once you are connected to the process, type "bt" at the gdb prompt to
> get the report.

Make that "thread 1", then "bt".

> You can't use both gdb and strace simultaneously on one process


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