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RE: Seg fault in home-built mutt

On 21 Feb 2003, "Gary R. Van Sickle"
<g dot r dot vansickle at worldnet dot att dot net> wrote: 

>> I managed to get mutt built at the weekend such that
>> the dotlock stuff was external.
> [snip]
>> Everything seemed to be fine until I got an email
>> with some attachments, which caused a segmentation
>> fault.
> I haven't built mutt... uhm... well... since I released -1
> :-(.  Lemme try it here quick...
> ...OK, it died.  I'm getting:
>   regex.o(.text+0x191f):regex.c: undefined reference to
>   `_btowc' 
> Don't know what that's all about.

Great. That's what I get too (+ _wctype and _iswctype), so at 
least I know it is not something peculiar to my setup. I guess 
there's some lib missing somewhere, but I don't know how you 
built it before if that is so. I don't have time right this 
minute to look at it either.

>> are the exact ./configure options that you use, please?
> I use the following in my "makemutt" build script, which I
> thought I included in the src package:

You did. I am stupid. Or blind. Or both. (No, this is not a CFV 
:-) Sorry, Gary. I think I didn't see it because I thought that 
that directory was, well, what it said, patches to make the 
thing build on Cygwin, which should be applied against the 
official source. Funnily enough I was going to suggest that each 
src package have a script included which built the package as 
done by the maintainer, but I see I am too late.

I'm going to have a bash about with this over the next week and 
will let you know what I find out, if anything. Thanks for your 
time Gary, you too Justin.

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