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Re: letters of the path have returned in numbers? Any idea why?

Great! I tested your suggestion with
startx -e bash
and it corrected the paths as the previous defaults.
I am not going to use rxvt and I have uninstalled it, unless someone will tell
any extra use of it compared with X-term.

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Aldi Kraja wrote:

Before I was working only with Xfree86 and it was responding fine at
least on the windows open. Now that I added some more packages such as
rxvt etc., my paths in the directories when I startx are becoming
nonsense: here is an example : \033[32m\]\u@ and more numbers. Does
anybody has a suggestion how to revert this process in original letters
of the path?
TIA, Aldi

rxvt by default starts with /bin/sh as the shell, which doesn't understand
color sequences in the prompt. Try "rxvt -e bash".
P.S. This was non-XFree86-specific. If you have further questions about
XFree86, please use the cygwin-xfree at cygwin dot com list.

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