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Re: upgrading broke cygwin?


I recently ran into similar problems that seemed tied to the 1.3.20-1
version of the .dll.  If you could, please post the results of the
'ls -la /usr/bin'
I want to verify what you have listed as the owners and groups for your
binary files, and what permissions are assigned to them.  It may be that you
need to make some modifications to your
/etc/passwd and /etc/group files (via mkpasswd and mkgroup).

I found that if I added executable permissions to group for all files in
/usr/bin, (chmod g+x /usr/bin/*) then which and similar commands were
finally able to locate the files that were contained in my path.  This was
required even though I was a local administrator on the box and all of the
files were owned by Administrators.  Fully pathing a file would work fine,
even though which wouldn't find it in the path (i.e. /usr/bin/cat would work
but which cat.exe resulted in file not found).

I still don't know if the problems I had were due to something I had
improperly configured or not...anyone have any ideas?

At any rate, I discovered that uninstalling everything and then doing a full
install from an older source tree (v 3.1.18) resulted in a system without
the symptoms mentioned above.  I've stuck with that until I have a chance to
experiment/test with 3.1.20 again to see what I may be doing wrong.

"Glen Kaukola" <gkaukola at earthlink dot net> wrote in message
news:3E51769D dot 8040806 at earthlink dot net dot  dot  dot 
> Hi, I recently ran setup.exe to upgrade my cygwin packages and this
> seems to have broken it.  Now when I type make it tells me:
> /c: Can't open /c: No such file or directory
> If I create a /c then make works.  It never did that before the upgrade
> though.  Also, man and which don't seem to work right anymore.  If I
> type 'man command' for any command it always tells me there's no entry.
> And if I type 'which command' or 'which command.exe' for any command
> that's in my path, it always tells me the commands aren't found.
> I tried completely reinstalling cygwin and I get the same exact
> behavior.  Since there's not really any uninstall option the way I
> uninstalled it was by deleting my C:\Cygwin folder and then deleting
> anything that said cygnus from my registry.  I'm hoping that's the
> correct way to do it?  At any rate it didn't make any difference.
> My OS is Windows XP Pro if that matters.  Any help or advice will be
> greatly appriciated.
> Thanks,
> Glen

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