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Re: Can't start inetd

Randall R Schulz wrote:

At 09:59 2003-02-21, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Fri, Feb 21, 2003 at 12:00:21PM -0500, Jim Peng wrote:
> Can someone help me with this:
> i installed latest cygwin 1.3.20 with inetutils on window 2k with sp3, i
> followed the README for inetd installation but it can NOT be started with
> message: service did not responds to the start or control request in a
> timely fashion.
> here is what i did
> 1) inetd --install-as-service
> 2) set CYGWIN system variable as "binmode tty ntsec"
> 3) add d:\cygwin\bin to PATH system variable
> 4) net start inertd or start it from service manager
> the same result with another w2k box, when i try to start it directly using
> inetd.exe on one box nothing happened on the another box it errors out
> saying cygwin1.dll could NOT be found in the PATH, but i am sure it's in the
> where i did wrong?

Forgot to reboot?



Why would that be necessary on Win 2K? I did not find that simply installing the "inetd" service required a reboot on my Win 2K or another Win XP machine to make it function correctly.

Because, assuming you are logged in and just added Cygwin's bin directory to your system wide PATH environment variable it would not become effective until you reboot. Why? Because the system environment space is only built when you boot and because services are started from the system environement, the environment in effect *before* you log in.

Why did it work for you? Probably because you already had Cygwin's bin in your systemwide PATH environment *before* you logged in and installed inetd as a service.

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