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Re: Can't start inetd

* Randall R Schulz (03-02-21 19:46 +0100)
> At 10:30 2003-02-21, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>>* Randall R Schulz (03-02-21 19:11 +0100)
>>> At 09:59 2003-02-21, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
[$PATH and rebooting ]
>>>> Forgot to reboot?
>>> Why would that be necessary on Win 2K? I did not find that simply
>>> installing the "inetd" service required a reboot on my Win 2K or
>>> another Win XP machine to make it function correctly.
>> Not if "C:\cygwin\bin" was already in your $PATH.
> I'm sorry, but that contradicts my own experience. I recently set up 
> Cygwin on a Windows XP system. I invoked "inetd --install-as-service" 
> and found that it would not start. I then went to the Environment 
> control panel, added the Cygwin bin to the system-wide PATH and 
> subsequently the "CYGWIN inetd" started up and functioned just fine.

I'm sorry, but that contradicts my own experience ;-) . I recently set 
up PostgreSQL on a Windows XP system and had to change my own path to 
system-wide path and reboot (IIRC).

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