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Re: remapping Cygwin 'bash' readline functions to PC keys

On 20 Feb 2003, Bruce Dawson wrote:

> I may be missing part of the conversation here, but
> so far as I know, rxvt is only useful if you're running
> a X server. (I don't have a cygwin system handy
> to be sure.) Lee: I don't think this applies to your
> problem.
> I may have put people off-track with my last message on
> this thread - because my comments only applies to users
> running remotely or through a terminal server, and not
> to cygwin systems.
> --Bruce


Cygwin rxvt can run without X using the W11 library it comes with.  It
will, however, switch to true X mode if DISPLAY is set.  To run it
remotely, you do have to use X (yeah, I know, barring VNC and all that)...
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