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Re: cygrunsrv points to incorrect path

Randall R Schulz wrote:


True, that.

I found that mixing native Apache with Cygwin Perl (for CGIs) doesn't work wellg. For reasons I never bothered to resolve, there was a very long delay between and incoming request and getting Cygwin Perl CGI scripts going. I was using the "cvsweb" scripts that time. When I switched over to native Perl (ActiveState) everything when smoothly.

Since I didn't track down the problem, I don't know if others would experience it, too, nor whether it's still so on my system (that was almost a year ago).

In other words, YMMV.

I haven't had a problem running Cygwin Perl through native Apache though I never bothered to measure the start up performance. As for ActiveState Perl there is some things to be desired. For example, ActiveState does not support signal handling properly and it does not support things like setsid which Cygwin's Perl works beautifully with.

Randall Schulz

At 15:07 2003-02-20, neal somos wrote:

You do realize that there is native apache implementation available for various windows platforms. I myself am running apache on windows while I also use cygwin when I want to. Sometimes depending on heavy use of various text utilities and keyboard input the cygwin might crash. But this has not affected the native apache server.

Would using the native apache implementation indirectly 'solve' your problem?


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