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Re: remapping Cygwin 'bash' readline functions to PC keys

* Lee D. Rothstein (03-02-21 00:57 +0100)
> Are you saying that I should try using use 'rxvt' in a console window as the
> interface to *Cygwin*?

No. man rxvt. It's not rxvt in a console window but instead of. 
"Cygwin" does not exist; it's just an illusion. All you interact with 
is a shell - bash, zsh or whatever. MAN RXVT.

> Remember, I'm not interfacing to another host when I run 'bash', in this
> instance. 'bash' is *not* remote.  It's *not* running on *u*x. It's running
> on the local W2K or WXP machine running Cygwin.

Yes. MAN RXVT. Just run rxvt and
less /usr/doc/Cygwin/rxvt-2.7.9.README

> Can I only do that if I run the 'rxvt' server (daemon) too?

There are no rxvt daemons or servers except in christian mythology.

> And, if so, would I still be able to launch windowed (GUI) Windows
> applications from a 'bash' command prompt?


> If this were to work, wouldn't that mean that 'rxvt' server or client was
> looking at the scan codes?  So 'rxvt' server operates at a lower level than
> the console handler?

rxvt doesn't do any keycode scanning except for the backspace key. 
readline does that for bash and it is configured in ~/.inputrc.

> Or, is all of this a problem with the implementation of the terminal
> (console) handler (or, terminfo translator) in Cygwin?
> Or, am I more confused than I thought I was?

Way beyond.
> BTW, my guess is the problem is not the map. but whether some level of
> console handler looks at the character output from the keyboard rather than
> the scan codes, and whether the Cygwin DLL writers want to go down to the
> right level?

> At any rate what is the local 'terminfo' database on Cygwin for?

man terminfo

> ssh in?

No: toe | grep ssh

> rxvt in?

For example: toe | grep rxvt

> Incoming 'telnet' traffic?

Not really: toe | grep telnet

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