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Re: Mkpasswd Documentation Deficit; Mkpasswd -c Working?

> > Pierre's recent suggestion to invoke "mkpasswd" with the "-c" option 
> > sent me to the documentation to learn what that option does. Neither 
> > "info" nor "man" document the "-c" option.
> Right, it's a very recent feature that has not made its way into the doc.
> It was designed for eventual use in a setup postinstall script, to reliably 
> (no PDC access) build /etc/passwd for domain users. 
> It now looks like it has another use. 

Yes, it looks like it was implemented here:

by... you, Pierre! I'm sorry I didn't catch this at the time, I
am subscribed to cygwin-patches for just the purpose of noticing things
that need changing in the documentation but most of the ntsec is over
my head and so I ignore it. Normally, though, when a new option is 
added to one of the cygwin utils *the author of the new option* 
documents it with a patch to utils.sgml (the theory being that the 
someone who adds the patch understands best its usage). So could you
create a patch for utils.sgml? Thanks.

> While on this topic, the man page says "mkpasswd does not work on the
> Win9x series (Windows 95, 98, and Me)", which is not accurate.
> Using mkpasswd is a safe way to build /etc/passwd, and on Win95 the
> -u switch can be used to create entries with the specified name.

See above. 

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