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Re: zsh, mkzsh, zsh.bat

On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Mattias Brändström wrote:

> Hi!

Hi Mattias,

> I just tried to set up cygwin with zsh using the mkzsh script provided in
> the distribution (the latest one as of February 20). After the script has
> executed I get the expected shortcut on my desktop but when I double-click
> on the shortcut the only thing I get is a console window with the word OFF
> printed in the upper left corner. I'm guessing that there is something
> wrong with the zsh.bat script. That script is a pretty simple one and as
> far as I can see there shouldn't be anything wrong with it.

Hmmm... Haven't seen that behaviour.  Check the properties of the
shortcut and see what the command string is.  It might be helpful to tar
up the shortcut itself and send it to me for analysis.  Let's also verify
the zsh.bat file is correct, so send a copy of it too.

Here's something else to try:
Open a DOS Command Prompt window, then type the command string that's in
the shortcut (this is almost literally what the shortcut does).  Do you
get the same symptoms (ie: the word OFF and nothing more)?  If not, then
it's something related to the shortcut.  If, however, you get the same
results, then it's something related to zsh configuration and I'll
probably need more information about your environment at that point.

> Has anyone else had similar problems? Or is mkzsh not the proper way to
> get to run cygwin with zsh instead of bash?

It's supposed to be.  What options did you specify to mkzsh originally.

I'll try and reproduce this when I get your files.

> Regards,
> Mattias

Peter A. Castro <doctor at fruitbat dot org> or <Peter dot Castro at oracle dot com>
	"Cats are just autistic Dogs" -- Dr. Tony Attwood

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