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Re: runlyx.bat does not start Cygwin LyX

[posted and mailed]

Turns out tr is not the culprit.  See comments interspersed below.

Milos Komarcevic <mk329 at eng dot cam dot ac dot uk> wrote in
news:5 dot 2 dot 0 dot 9 dot 0 dot 20030220174251 dot 00a84d70 at imap dot hermes dot cam dot ac dot uk: 

> At 15:15 18/02/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>> >>So any command in any of those files will be executed before
>> >>calling lyx. lyxwin32 does not call tr a standard unix command
>> >>(translate). It seems that that tr command does not terminate and
>> >>therefore lyxwin32 can't proceed to start lyx.exe at the end. So
>> >>who does call that? SO why does it not exit?
>> >
>> > The only one I could find is the line
>> >
>> > export HOSTNAME=`hostname | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
>> >
>> > in /etc/profile (that is the default one, hasn't been changed).
>>Curious, there's no such line in my profile (also default).
> Do you have  base-files-1.1-1 installed?


> That comes with /etc/profile.default that has that line in it,

Same here.

> and hence my /etc/profile too

It's in my profile.default, but not in profile itself.  Don't know why; I 
never edited /etc/profile that I can recall, and I'm positive I never 
played with that line.  Something else is exporting the HOSTNAME 
variable, because it's in my environment when I open a bash shell.

>> > But that doesn't seem to cause problems and hang when I open a
>> > bash window, start XFree86 and xterm or anything else,
>> > just with lyxwin32.exe
>> > The only change I did to /etc/lyxprofile is comment out the 'export
>> > HOME=...' as I've already set it as my Windows env. variable.
>>Try commenting out the export HOSTNAME line in /etc/profile and see if
>>the problem disappears.
> That did solve the problem and LyX started successfully.
> So now we know which 'tr' is hanging, can we find out why is it so?

By editing my /etc/profile, I reproduced your problem.  It turns out that 
tr is not hanging; hostname is.  To verify this, I changed the line in 
/etc/profile to

HN="`tr BOZO '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`"

and LyX started fine.  Then I replaced that with


(not even bothering to do anything with the resulting variable HN) and 
the startup process hung (XFree86 running but the LyX window not yet 
opened).  When I killed the hostname process, LyX finished loading.

I have no idea why hostname is hanging in this context, when it runs fine 
in a bash shell.

> It does not hang when I open just a bash window, and the HOSTNAME var
> is set correctly.

Same here.
>>FWIW, I've bumped into situations where something worked ok in DOS but
>>not Cygwin, or vice versa.  It turns out that permissions for the same
>>file may be different (or at least appear different) between
>>DOS/Windoze and Cygwin.  (This only applies to Win 2K and XP, and
>>maybe NT.)  I'm wondering if maybe lyxwin32, running under DOS rather
>>than Cygwin, tries to invoke some other program for which it lacks, or
>>appears to lack, permission.
> I've tried this with or without CYGWIN=ntsec, no difference.
> I'm cc'ing this to the cygwin list also, maybe somebody can shed
> some new light on this. 

-- Paul

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