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RE: GPL Violation

> >Can't you provide a link to the latest released cygwin1.dll, what you
> >do for snapshots ?
> I'll have to think about this.  It's not a bad idea but given cygwin's
> user base I suspect that it could lead to a lot more problems with
> people who just download cygwin1.dll and then can't understand why
> typing "bash" still says "command not found".
> muse, muse...
> Maybe I will make the DLL available...


  May I offer a suggestion?

  If I understand some of the recent xygwin/cygwin discussions,
it is possible to build a version of cygwin1.dll that will not
conflict with other versions of the dll on a system.

  So, why not offer versions of the dll that you *know* will
not conflict with an existing cygwin installation, or with
other instances of the stand-alone version of the cygwin dll?
For each version of the cygwin1.dll, build a stand-alone version

  - has a different name, based on prefix and DLL release
    number (ex, cyg-1320.dll)
  - Uses a similar name for the dll shared memory section
  - Make the dll, lib, and source avaialble for download

  That way, a user can have:

  - fooapp (using cyg-1320.dll)
  - barapp (using cyg-1320.dll)
  - bazapp (using cyg-1321.dll)
  - cygwin (using version 1.3.22 of cygiwn1.dll)

  ...all installed co-existing on the same system.


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