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Re: arrow keys under mc via SSH with PuTTY

* Lucifer Hong (03-02-20 06:35 +0100)
> I setup sshd in cygwin and use PuTTY to login.  Everything seems going
> well.  But when I start mc(GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55) and use
> arrow keys to move the cursor bar among listed files, strange things
> occured:
> When I press down key, a 'B' charactor appears in the prompt line (the
> line with a '$' at the most left) and cursor bar doesn't move. And when
> I press up key, a 'A' appears instead. However, I still have some
> chances (about 1 out of 10 tries) to move the cursor bar successfully.

Right and left cursor insert a 'C' and 'D'...
> I have tried exporting TERM=linux, but the annoying A/B's still remains. :(
> If I use the cygwin.bat directly form the start menu and export
> TERM=linux, mc works very well.
> I have searched the cygwin mailing list archive using keywords mc and
> putty, but nothing helpful is found.  Anyone had met the same problem
> here?  Any help will be much appreciated.

Aaah, another victim: same thing with me. Despite your description the 
problem isn't bound to remote login via SSH. It's the same thing when 
you log in locally with bash or zsh (both with a console window or 
rxvt). The only thing I can say about it is: when I installed MC it 
wasn't like that. Something's changed and is broken and it isn't MC.

Work around: Turn of the command prompt (under "Layout"). The annoying 
behaviour still exists (for example in a MC editor window (F4)), but 
you can bypass it if you delay the pressing between to cursor key 
strokes to half a second (or more).

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