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Re: arrow keys under mc via SSH with PuTTY


This problem has been reported by Marcel Telka some time ago:

Apparently some changes in newer Cygwin versions broke the arrow keys 
handling in MC 4.5.55. I planned to investigate this problem but couldn't 
get enough time. Are you establishing the ssh session over a slow 
connection ? Steve O expressed an opinion that this may be actually a 
problem in MC's key handling code.

Btw newer versions of MC (4.6.0) seem to not experience this problem. 
I've already prepared the Cygwin package for MC 4.6.0, but I was delaying 
the release, because I've a pending patch, which I want to be accepted, 
before I release the updated package. Unfortunately the MC maintainer is
quite busy now and doesn't have time to properly review it.

I think that if this patch is not reviewed until the end of this week I'll
release the updated package anyway.

 On Thu, 20 Feb 2003, Lucifer Hong wrote:

> I setup sshd in cygwin and use PuTTY to login.  Everything seems going
> well.  But when I start mc(GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55) and use
> arrow keys to move the cursor bar among listed files, strange things
> occured:
> When I press down key, a 'B' charactor appears in the prompt line (the
> line with a '$' at the most left) and cursor bar doesn't move. And when
> I press up key, a 'A' appears instead. However, I still have some
> chances (about 1 out of 10 tries) to move the cursor bar successfully.

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