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Re: arrow keys under mc via SSH with PuTTY

> I setup sshd in cygwin and use PuTTY to login.  Everything seems going
> well.  But when I start mc(GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.55) and use
> arrow keys to move the cursor bar among listed files, strange things
> occured:
> When I press down key, a 'B' charactor appears in the prompt line (the
> line with a '$' at the most left) and cursor bar doesn't move. And when
> I press up key, a 'A' appears instead. However, I still have some
> chances (about 1 out of 10 tries) to move the cursor bar successfully.
> I have tried exporting TERM=linux, but the annoying A/B's still remains.
> If I use the cygwin.bat directly form the start menu and export
> TERM=linux, mc works very well.
> I have searched the cygwin mailing list archive using keywords mc and
> putty, but nothing helpful is found.  Anyone had met the same problem
> here?  Any help will be much appreciated.

Does you CYGWIN environment variable contain a 'tty' bit in it? Like:

[elfyn at webdev]:{884}:% echo $CYGWIN
binmode ntsec ntea tty
[elfyn at webdev]:{885}:%

That may be the problem, then again ;-)


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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