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Re: [avail for test] libtool-devel-20030121-1

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

I'm not libtool-savvy, so this may seem like a stupid question -- if it
is, let me know.  However, I've been kinda following this discussion, and
haven't seen it answered.  So here goes:
- How hard is it to add the capability to pass linker arguments through
  the LD variable?  What's involved?  It seems (to me, anyway) like this
  would be the least painful solution all around...
This is probably totally irrelevant and out of line.  I'll just shut up

You could -- but that runs counter to the "libtool way'. Libtool doesn't even let the compiler determine which system libraries get linked -- at least, not directly. Instead, libtool parses the output of 'gcc <args> -v' and 'gcc -nostdlibs <args> -v', and stores the 'crt.o' and 'libgcc.a' miscellany.

Then, when it's time to link a library, libtool uses ld directly, and adds the 'crt.0' and friends itself.

The idea is that libtool gets maximal information; nothing is hidden from libtool (e.g. gcc's spec file adding extra system libs, etc). Now, some have argued [ahem, ahem] that libtool is trying to do too much. Maybe so. But this is really such a minor issue (and my time is so limited) that I don't want to tackle that beast -- the effort is too high for the possible benefit.

Anyway, passing args thru LD -- kinda defeats the "libtool controls everything" idea. In fact, I was surprised that the patch that let CC='gcc -mno-cygwin' work in libtool was accepted. I was FLOORED when the "let CC contain any flag whatsoever" patch made it in.

Now, this may be an argument that "okay, the rules have been loosened; submit the patch and hope...". However, I'd rather play it conservative this close to a release. I want the most common 4 cases, cygwinBuild/cygiwnTarget to work. mingwBuild/mingwTarget. And linuxbuild/cygiwnTarget, linuxBuild/mingwTarget.

those all work now. Let's not break anything before 1.5 comes out; too many projects are holding off until libtool-1.5 is available before accepting cygiwn patches (esp. cygwin patches that *require* libtool-devel).

so that's the argument against a broad "LD can contain any random flag" patch. what about a focused patch, that specifically allows --enable-psuedo-relocs?

Ugh. How hackish. I'd rather push for that to become the default behavior in binutils, than kludge up the (already nasty) libtool code with YASPE (yet another special purpose exception).


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