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Re: rsync problem... windows cmd vs. cygwin terminal

> I'm using rsync on cygwin to syncronize a bunch of remote machines to a
> central machine.
> I'm planning on automating it to run regularly with windows scheduler, so
> have some batch files with the rsync command.
> When I run batch file from like a Windows cmd window it gives me an error
> with rsync tries to move the temp file to the perm file:
> rename .Types.dbf.002724 -> Types.dbf : no such file or directory
> Yet when I run this from a cygwin terminal window it works just dandy.
> I guess its a difference of using the cygwin.dll to run rsync/ssh/etc FROM
> windows, rather then in the cygwin environment proper.  Is there any way
> correct this problem, or do I just need to set up a cron from withing the
> cygwin environment?
> Thanks,
> -k

If it works perfectly from the cygwin terminal then why not use a shell
script and execute that via the task scheduler? Once you have the commands
in your shell script you can just use

C:\Cygwin\bin\bash.exe -c /path/to/

instead of



Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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