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Re: Does agetty work with a modem

> Can anyone help me get agetty working?  I need to set up Cygwin to answer
> modem call with agetty.  Here are a few questions I have.  I would really
> appreciate some help because I cannot find much information about agetty
> Cygwin.
> 1. How do I set the modem to auto answer.  Can I do this in a shell script
> using the agetty -e option to execute a command?  I tried "echo ATS0=1 >
> /dev/ttys2" but it doesnt work.  I am using COM3.
> 2. It looks like agetty immediately opens the com port and attempts to
> a login name from it.  Does this mean that it expects the modem to be
> connected with it executes.  There doesnt seem to be any code in agetty to
> wait for a modem to answer.  Do I need to wait for the modem to connect
> using the -e command option?
> My inittab file has the following line
> S3:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty -8 -N -1 -h -t60 -e/bin/ 9600 ttyS2


Should be -e /bin/ (should have a space after no?). Take a look at
the man page (`man 8 agetty') and the documentation


Which should help you :-)


Elfyn McBratney
elfyn at exposure dot org dot uk

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