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Re: Win 2000 : Open Files With Word & Excel From The Command Line


I managed to get my script "word" to open up word with the path I typed on the command line in cygwin.

I am having trouble getting the same to work with excel.

I am win 2000 and using cygwin.

I made a script in /usr/local/bin called "excel".

The script will boot up excel, but not with the file I specified. I get error messages saying that the file does not exist. Between the "===" lines are the different contests I have tried for my "excel" script:

version 1 ============================================================ exec "c:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/EXCEL.EXE" "cygpath -w $1"

version 2
exec "c:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/EXCEL.EXE" "@&"


$ word /path/to/file.xls

Any ideas would be appreciated



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