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RE: ssh-agent's timeout/maximum lifetime "-t" broken?

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Corinna Vinschen [mailto:corinna-cygwin at cygwin dot com]
> Sent: Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2003 10:01
> To: hauser at acm dot org
> Subject: Re: ssh-agent's timeout/maximum lifetime "-t" broken?
> Neither my Cygwin nor my Linux versions of OpenSSH 3.5p1 know of a
> -t option.  It's not even mentioned in the man pages nor can I find
> it in the *source code*.  So what did you make to believe there is
> such a -t option?

     ssh-agent - authentication agent

     ssh-agent [-a bind_address] [-c | -s] [-t life] [-d] [command [args
     ssh-agent [-c | -s] -k


  -t life
             Set a default value for the maximum lifetime of identities
             to the agent.  The lifetime may be specified in seconds or in a
             time format specified in sshd(8). A lifetime specified for an
             identity with ssh-add(1) overrides this value.  Without this
             tion the default maximum lifetime is forever.


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