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Re: ssh-agent's timeout/maximum lifetime "-t" broken?

On Wed, Feb 19, 2003 at 07:59:35AM +0100, Ralf Hauser wrote:
> As per, I am trying
> to use the -t option with openssh 3.5p1-3 and I get:
> rhauser at PC:/<3>rhauser/Desktop> eval `ssh-agent -c -t 900`
> ssh-agent: unknown option -- t
> Usage: ssh-agent [options] [command [args ...]]
> Options:
>   -c          Generate C-shell commands on stdout.
>   -s          Generate Bourne shell commands on stdout.
>   -k          Kill the current agent.
>   -d          Debug mode.
>   -a socket   Bind agent socket to given name.

Neither my Cygwin nor my Linux versions of OpenSSH 3.5p1 know of a
-t option.  It's not even mentioned in the man pages nor can I find
it in the *source code*.  So what did you make to believe there is
such a -t option?

> Context where I tried to use this:
> P.S.: Another strange problem I have is that my ~/.ssh/identity files are
> ignored and /rsync/.ssh/identity is taken?? (see

Your environment is broken.  Either your home dir is set to /rsync
in /etc/passwd or your user name is incorrect or something else is
wrongly set on your system which nobody can see due to the lack of
details in your posting.


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