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Re: An apology...

Now I've learnt something. I've used Google lots, but not with that type of
search. Thanks for the info.

I really am trying to appreciate the concepts behind people's ways of
working. I'm a mechanical engineer with considerable software development
skills in Unix & DEC systems, and with some Windows. Having an inquisitive
nature, my predominant question is "Why?" in a new situation.

I'm not a network geek, but understand bits and pieces, so being fairly sure
that Unix was the platform where client / server began (if you don't push
the discussion back as far as Multix), I would naturally be surprised to
find that in an Unix environment, practises had been adopted where data
copying was the 'norm' instead of using client server techniques. So 'me'
being 'me', I would be bound to probe - it's a learning process.

Of course it's very easy to assume, but as I've never met anyone without a
slight trace of that ability, I feel a bit sheepish (being a developer) when
I realise I've broken rule #1 - "Assume nothing" - but after that I try to
learn and then get a good night's sleep.

The reason for choosing to search for "mailing lists" was it seemed the
logical starting point when it was suggested that I search the archives for
articles on a subject already discussed in depth. You see, I was erring on
the side of those supporting this technique. I suppose it's the funny way my
brain works...

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