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Re: An apology...

I read this whole thread, but, sorry, I can't yet understand what are your problems with gmane.

I had subscription to 2 high-traffic ML (clearcase and cygwin), my inbox was always full, in addition, I had some problem with my mail clients (due to our internal stanrdards) that prevented me to use filters effectively.

When I discovered gmane I jumped from my chair! It is wonderful!!!

Now I simply use the Mozilla newsreader to access 5 (five!) cygwin mailing list without being bothered with mails in my inbox.

Till now I found no differences between cygwin mls through gmane and real newsgroups: I download the headers, if there some post that interests me I read it, otherwise I mark them read. If I want I could use the offline feature of Mozilla to keep all the messages locally on my machine.

If you can succesfully access (and use) real newsgroups I can't see why you cannot access (and use) Cyvwin's mls through gmane.

Stephen Ford wrote:
<<..I use one filter for each cygwin ml that I'm subscribed to and have no

problems with "manage"ing the flow..>>

But that's horrendous - the whole internet will be peppered with even more
unnecessary emails. I was horrified when my newreader suddenly filled up
with every message from the mailing list. When I saw what was happening, I
though that well-known phrase, "You can't be serious..."

<<..Not everyone here uses a sparkly gui app (oex) so not everyone will have

access to a news-reader..>>

But if you've got win95 or Win98 you've got OEx. It's so easy. What you're
telling me is there are people out there with electric windows and they
won't use them because someone said it's sissy and it's better to stick your
head out of the sun roof. They can still drive, but it just makes life very


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