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Re: An apology...

On 18 Feb 2003, "Stephen Ford" <stephen_ford at ntlworld dot com>

> Just out of curiosity, why is a mailing list used when it
> seems far simpler for users to connect to a newsgroup?

Okay, maybe if I tell you what my setup is you could try that 
and see if it is any easier for you. What I have is Hamster, 
which is a small mail & news server that I use that to pull 
Cygwin list posts from the gmane news server (as others have 
mentioned), but it would work as well if I got everything by 
mail because I could have Hamster send those emails to a private 
newsgroup. When I then post to Hamster's newsgroup it will then 
automatically send the post via email to the mailing list 
instead. Once the initial fiddling was done with this is, for 
me, by far the easiest way to do things, and if my Cygwin 
instalation is ever hosed I can still send an email here 
pleading for help in the same way as I normally would. What's 
more I do not need an account to post via the gmane server 
(because I never do), so that's one more thing I never need to 
worry about. BTW, I agree about the search facility on the
mailing lists, you are better off using google IMO, restricting
the search to the domain.

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