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Q: how to access USB device- Handspring Visor cradle

I have downloaded pilot-link 0.11.7 and built it on cygwin.  Now I'm
trying to figure out how to access the usb cradle.  Most of the pilot
commands take a '-p <port>' parameter.  I've tried various devices,
first, the default device /dev/pilot:

   ==> ./pilot-xfer -p /dev/pilot -b ttt

     ERROR: No such file or directory (2)

     The device /dev/pilot does not exist..
     Possible solution:

          mknod /dev/pilot c <major> <minor>

     Unable to bind to port: /dev/pilot
     Please use --help for more information


Another attempt:

   ==> ./pilot-xfer -p /dev/ttyS0 -b ttt

      Listening to port: /dev/ttyS0

      Please press the HotSync button now... 

just waited and waited.  I pressed HotSync, and the Visor eventually
timed out.  I had to kill the bash process.  '/dev/com1' behaved the
same as '/dev/ttyS0'.  Most other attempts I made, from various hints
when I searched this archive, linux help (I know they're different; I
was just after hints), and the web via Google failed just like
'/dev/pilot'.  Some of these were


Of course, I've assumed what I'm attempting is possible, but that I
just don't know how to address the device.  Can anyone help, please?

BTW- some cygwin and Google searches that did not give me an answer
(or where I overlooked an answer):
    usb device in cygwin
    usb port in cygwin
    cygwin device
    cygwin mount usb device


Dick Knowles

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