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Re: No man pages

> When I run mkpasswd -l, I have the same entries as in my /etc/passwd
> and when I run mkgroup -l, I have the same entries as in my /etc/group.
> But I have no "mkpasswd" group defined in /etc/group. Does it matter

But they may not have the exact sid's or group id's. If you get a 'mkpasswd'
as the username you need to run mkpasswd to refresh a stale item(s). Same
with mkgroup. If you still end up having mkpasswd/mkgroup as your
username/group then there's a problem somewhere.

> What typical group do you have on a local user? Can we add a group other
> than manually in /etc/group (like with with an system admin tool)?

Once the user has been added to windows either via gui or the console `net'
command then you can add a user to /etc/passwd by

$ mkpasswd -l -u USERNAME >>/etc/passwd

and to add a new group, mkgroup doesn't have this same kind of option AFAIK,
I use this

mkgroup -l |grep GROUPNAME >>/etc/group


Elfyn McBratney

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