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.inputrc and command line edit mode function key remapping

Think of this as a brief FUQ (a veritable 'Quickie', as
it were) -- Frequently Unanswered Questions

These are really questions for the 'bash' group, except
that they specifically deal with the PC and its
keyboard (*and* I'm using 'bash' on Cygwin).

I've searched for answers throughout the Cygwin,
'emacs' and 'bash' documentation, and the Web and even
bought the book, /Learning the bash shell/. Alas, no
FUQing help! ;-)

I plan to document this in some copylefted docs, so you
should be able to leverage the time of your answers.

Q1 -- When you remap a 'bash' Edit Mode function in
.inputrc, it looks like this:

"\e[3~":      delete-char # DEL key

The entity in double quotes ("\e[3~"), I'm calling the
"key ID (KID)". In the above '.inputrc' declaration,
the function 'delete-char' being remapped from its
default key assignment to the KID -- "\e[3~" -- the
<DEL> key.

What are the KIDs of the following IBM PC keys
(specified below with facsimiles of the key caps
contained in angle brackets -- '<...>')?

Cursor control key pad

Numeric pad

In general, I'd like a table that maps the KIDs for all
104 keys on the keyboard I use. Or, better still, is
there a way to use scan codes?

(Incidentally, what makes finding a table of these
KIDs so difficult is the failure of the documentation
to assign this concept a unique, or even a consistent


Is there a way to make the <INSERT> key a toggle
between the insert and overwrite modes of 'bash'
edit mode?

I used to have these figured out for 'Microemacs', but
that was half a lifetime ago, for me, and Microemacs
supported scan codes, if I remember correctly.

The discerning reader will have surmised both from
these questions and my earlier query 'on the humble
<DEL> key', that I am trying to make a PC, under the
estimable Cygwin, exploit those few niceties of the PC



P.S. In anticipation of the "righteous" among you being
     offended by the term 'FUQ', I shared your
     indignation; it occurred shortly after buying the
     ill-fated -- and referenced -- 'bash' book. (Yes,
     it's true; I'm bashing the 'bash' book.)

     And, please, whatever you do, don't kid a KIDer. ;-)

Lee D. Rothstein --
VeriTech -- 603-424-2900
7 Merry Meeting Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054-2934


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