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Re: error setting up ipc-daemon

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

An excerpt from "cygrunsrv --help" below

  -e, --env <VAR=VALUE>     Optional environment strings which are added
                            to the environment when service is started.
                            You can add up to 255 environment strings using
                            the `--env' option.
                            Note: /bin is always added to $PATH to allow all
                            started applications to find at least cygwin1.dll.

shows that you shouldn't really need to add c:\cygwin\bin to your system
path (if one uses cygrunsrv, that is).  If that is not the case, then it's
a bug in cygrunsrv (or an error in documentation).
That's all well and good -- but ipc-daemon doesn't use cygserver. It has all the necessary hooks for ServiceManager itself.

I should probably rip out that stuff eventually, and rely on cygserver. But since ipc-daemon will be replaced by the cygwin-daemon, someday, I really don't want to mess with it if it isn't broken.

As far as the actual difficulties here, I think it's probably an environment issue; ipc-deamon MUST have cygwin1.dll in its user context PATH. See /usr/doc/Cygwin/cygipc/README.


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