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RE: Is modem dial-in access to Cygwin possible?

Dial-up server would require me to use PPP and TCP/IP.  I cannot control the ip 
address of the machines I am calling, so I run the risk of routing problems if 
I connect from a Linux machine to more than one remote windows/cygwin machine 
at a time.  I need to also call Windows 95 machines and upgrading is not an 
option.  These will all have the same ip address becuase of a limitation in the 
Win95 dial up networking.  I think I could end up having routing issues using 
TCP/IP to communicate with the remote machines.

All I need to do is dial into the windows/cygwin machine, start a telnet 
session and execute a a shell script.  It calls sz to send a file via zmodem.

What are the limitations of Cygwin as far as serial i/o.  Could mgetty work on 
Cygwin?  Apparently agetty will support modems, but it doesnt look like it will 
answer the call.  I think it relies on the modem answering.  I would rather 
have the functionality of mgetty to avoid answers if mgetty is not running.

> > Is modem dial-in access to Cygwin possible?  Is there a version 
> > of mgetty that 
> > works with Cygwin?  If not, could it work or are there 
> > limitations in Cygwin 
> > that would prevent this.
> Use Dial-up Server and sshd?
> Chris
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