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Re: cygpath problem in 1.3.20

> I am experiencing a problem with 1.3.20 that seems to
> be cygpath related.  Previously, I was using 1.3.17,
> upgraded today, and I get errors when trying to run
> Ant 1.5.1 (it ran just fine before).  After a little
> fiddling, it appears that cygpath is still having some
> problems.
> If I set JAVA_HOME to the following:
> c:\program files\ibm\websphere
> studio\runtimes\aes_v4\java
> And run the following command:
> cygpath --windows --path "$JAVA_HOME"
> it returns the following:
> c;d:\program files\ibm\websphere
> studio\runtimes\aes_v4\java

This is by design as the `--windows|-w' coupled with `--path|-p' swicthe(s)
expect unix path's and thus get split by ':' characters.

> Yes, that's really a c; at the start of the string.
> Needless to say, this is munging up the script that
> launches Ant big time.  It wasn't a problem at all in
> the previous version of Cygwin I was running.
> Any help at all is appreciated, especially since
> Cygwin is my primary command line build environment.
> Thanks in advance.

This was discussed in the last couple of weeks, where the thread starter had
the same "problem" as you. Can't see it yet, byt it's there ;-) Something
like "[bug] cygpath version...".


Elfyn McBratney

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