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'mv' and 'sharing violation'

The very latest cygwin, "all" updated yesterday - and Win98SE.

 For a particular reason I wanted to clear my D: drive.

Knowing all the peculiarities involved in such an operation
from MESSYDOS i thought that I'll try cygwin's mv...

Hannu@p450 /cygdrive/e/TEMP
$ mv /cygdrive/d/* .
mv: `/cygdrive/d/_CD_IMAGES_/TKCD2001.cdi.exe' and
are the same file
mv: `/cygdrive/d/_CD_IMAGES_/ELFA2000.cdi.exe' and
are the same file

In other words: there seems to be some peculiarities here too.

1) No *.exe's in that directory, mv has obviously appended '.exe'.
2) Note that "." is /cygdrive/e/ -> the paths point to DIFFERENT drives
3) The entire contents of _CD_IMAGES_/ was left on D:

The cause to all this was clear when I attempted to copy the files with
a dialog saying "...sharing violation..." appeared.
 I had not succeded in closing down the CD-ROM emulator fully. After doing
so, all went smoothly.

 May I suggest that the BOFH-message above gets revised, it isn't
confusing enough! ;->

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden

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