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Re: Newbie problems

> I just installed cygwin, and everything seemed to work fine during
> installation. I installed quite a lot of packages, including binutils
> (and almost all other devel packages) and all the base packages. I seem
> to missing some important stuff though. For example, I don't have 'less'
> or 'ldd'. What can I have done wrong?

For less you need to install the less package via setup.exe. For ldd you
don't need to install anything as it doesn't exist in cygwin, it is a part
of glibc(-common) which cygwin does not use, you can however, use
cygcheck[1]. FYI cygwin used newlib as it's libc.

If you need a package, and don't find it in the distribution then you can
use <> to search for them/it. If they don't
appear then they haven't been ported to cygwin.

[1] cygcheck requires windows paths as it is a native windows application
and uses m$s libc (msvcrt.dll). eg:

$ cygcheck $(cygpath -w /bin/cygcheck.exe)
$cygcheck $(cygpath -w /bin/perl.exe)

Refer to `man cygcheck' for more information ;-)


Elfyn McBratney

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