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Re: error setting up ipc-daemon

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:


An excerpt from "cygrunsrv --help" below

-e, --env <VAR=VALUE> Optional environment strings which are added
to the environment when service is started.
You can add up to 255 environment strings using
the `--env' option.
Note: /bin is always added to $PATH to allow all
started applications to find at least cygwin1.dll.

shows that you shouldn't really need to add c:\cygwin\bin to your system
path (if one uses cygrunsrv, that is). If that is not the case, then it's
a bug in cygrunsrv (or an error in documentation).
Or perhaps you're reading it wrong. I read it as cygrunsrv will stick these environment variables into the environment of the process that it starts. Of course starting of cygrunsrv will also require access to cygwin1.dll and if that is not in your Windows System Environment Variable PATH (i.e. where the services pick up their environment variable PATH - before you log in) then cygrunsrv will fail too.

You see the way I see it cygrunsrv starts then forks the "service" you configured with it. Of course this now brings up the question of why doesn't cygrunsrv "exec" the service so that you don't see extra cygrunsrv processes in Task Manager. Perhaps the answer is that then it can't stuff the child's environment with these --env parms.

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