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Re: OK - more details for the CGI/cygwin problem (doesn't print allmy HTML & Javascript to screen)

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, John McAllister wrote:

> Hello again,
> I guess my earlier message was either ignored or people didn't know what I
> was talking about. I didn't want to post all my code, because I don't think
> the problem lies within the code (the exact same cgi program works on the
> Red Hat UNIX client/server enviroment that it was created in). I was just
> trying to find out if it was a common problem ie. that an application that
> works perfectly well on UNIX does not when transferred to cygwin.
> [snip]
> My Apache configuration works ( I can see my webpages) - but the cgi is not
> writing all of what it's supposed to be writing. Is this some sort of memory
> problem? Is it a sockets problem?
> I am using Apache2 and the latest Cygwin release.
> I haven't a clue. Hope this helps someone to help me!
> Thanks,
> John McAllister


First off, Cygwin is not Unix.  It's a POSIX emulation layer on top of
Windows.  Cygwin uses a lot of Windows functionality behind the scenes.
It strives to conform to the SUS, but doesn't necessarily have all the
bells and whistles that, say, Linux comes with.

Now, there are a few things you can check about your configuration, and a
few ways you can debug your code.

The best way to debug CGI code is to run it from the command line with
appropriate input and see if the output is correct.  That will eliminate
Apache as one of the variables.  If the output is not correct when run
from the command line, debug your program.

If the output is correct, check that your Apache environment is the same
as when you run from the command line.  Did you install Apache correctly
(including the CGI modules)?  Are you running it as a different user?
Does that user have the same mounts?  Do you get the same environment?
Does another CGI program that prints some other output of similar size
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