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Re: An apology...


You know, we're trying to be reasonable with you here, but you don't seem to be willing to meet us half way.

Try a more realistic example of a search related to a Cygwin tool, feature, problem, procedure etc.

To search using Google, try its "Advanced" search page (<>) where you can request an exact phrase, restrict the host(s) from which results are to be returned, exclude pages with particular words, get an AND or an OR keyword search, etc. Some of these features are available without going to the advanced page, too. Look at how an advanced search is re-written to prime the search field on the result page and emulate the syntax used there to get advanced features on the standard Google search page.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

At 09:11 2003-02-18, Stephen Ford wrote:
I tried a search and it found 24,000+ results because it modified "mailing
lists" to-;

Search results for '(mailing or mail or mailed or mailings or mailer or
mails or mailers) and (lists or list or listed or listing or listings or
listen or lister or listens or listers) and '....

How do I search for the string "mailing lists"; I tried quotes but it ignore

How do I use Google to search for a mailing list? I use Google but mailing
lists never crossed my path before. To me it's just a name - mailing list
does not mean anything to me.


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