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Re: how to freeze a version of cygwin

You can save the download dir to a CDROM if you want. You can use it as a 
directory to install from later. This is safe and the way I do what you're 
trying to do - which I only do to have two computers with the same Cygwin 
installation without downloading the thing twice, btw.


On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Charles D. Russell wrote:
> In order to ensure that I could reinstall a working cygwin version if
> necessary, I have in the past used the "download from internet" option in
> setup, then burned the installation files to a CD. However, it looks like
> the same files are downloaded and retained if one selects "install from
> internet". Is that correct? Can one reliably reinstall from only a CD copy
> of the download directory generated by using "install from internet"?
> Larry Hall wrote:
> > Depends on your definition of "reliable".
> In short, this is an unsafe way to make a backup freeze?  If I want a safe
> backup, I should continue to "download from internet" first?  What is your
> recommended procedure for making a backup freeze of a partial installation?
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