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Re: An apology...


Please desist in this. It has all been said and things are now as they will be for the foreseeable future.

At 08:44 2003-02-18, Stephen Ford wrote:
<<.. This has all been hashed out in the email archives more than once. I refer you to the archives if you're interested in hearing all sides of the previous discussions on this topic...>>

What is the best way of searching for the relevant titles? There doesn't seem to be a search feature. I have a horrible feeling that you are going to say that I've got to download the entire archive and search it ...

Furthermore, the Cygwin list archives are indexed by Google.

Lastly, nothing beats local archives for searching.

<<.. One very important issue that came out of all that - not all Cygwin users have access to newsgroups...>>

As newsgroups can be read very easily with MS Outlook / Outlook Express, and they are bundled with MS Windows, you must be saying that there are people without access to Windows.

Stephen Ford

Randall Schulz

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