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Re: how to freeze a version of cygwin

Charles D. Russell wrote:
In order to ensure that I could reinstall a working cygwin version if
necessary, I have in the past used the "download from internet" option in
setup, then burned the installation files to a CD. However, it looks like
the same files are downloaded and retained if one selects "install from
internet". Is that correct?
No.  Install from the internet will update any installed packages with
newer versions and offer new packages to you.  Nothing beyond that will
be downloaded if you choose the same mirror(s) as the last run.

Can one reliably reinstall, say after a hard
drive replacement and without an internet connection, using only a CD copy
of the download directory generated by using "install from internet"?

Depends on your definition of "reliable".  I haven't tried it but
"install from internet" is basically a combination of "download from
internet" and "install from local directory" so without an internet
connection, "install from internet" may very well degenerate transparently
to "install from local directory".  You could verify that this is the
case although I'm not sure what it gets you over just "install from
local directory".

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