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Re: Username with space in it


Two other things:

1) Remember that your /etc/passwd is non-standard and re-apply the manual changes whenever you regenerate your password file with "mkpasswd". An auxiliary copy might help--it can be diff-ed against a newly generated.

2) Change the user name, too. I replace spaces with underscores. It can help with programs that parse the output of "ls -l" or any other program that includes user names.

Randall Schulz

At 03:07 2003-02-18, David Starks-Browning wrote:
On Tuesday 18 Feb 03, David Rasmussen writes:
> My Windows user name is "David Rasmussen". I've found
> that some things choke on the space in the user name,
> for example bootstrapping gcc. So I would like to use
> another name, "david" as my username. Can that be
> done? And how?

Do you really need to change your user name? You probably just need to change your home directory. See what's currently done in /etc/profile. Set HOME to something else. Make sure you create that directory, and also edit /etc/passwd accordingly.


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